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no nut vegan cheese sauce

No Nut Vegan Cheese Sauce

A rich and satisfying vegan cheese sauce that tastes just like the real thing.

vegan kfc cauliflower nuggets

Vegan-KFC Cauliflower Nuggets

Cauliflower nuggets coated with gluten-free and vegan batter, to give a KFC taste sensation.

recipe for dry fried potato halves and green salad

Pan Fried Potato Halves Topped With Summer Tasty Salad

Oh-so-simple, and oh-so-delicious, there is nothing quite as addictive as potato topped with salad…

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raw marinated mushroom salad recipe

Mary-Ann’s Marinated Mushrooms

Very fast to prepare, this is a tasty way to eat more raw food!

vegan sushi and tangy mustard dipping sauce

Raw Sunflower Seed Pâté Sushi and Tangy Mustard Sauce

This vegan sushi tastes better than the traditional one, carb-free and 80% raw.

Beans and Greens Salad

A satisfying bean salad with a rich homemade sundried tomato sauce.

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blog post about the immune system

Not long after your last breath, your immune system shuts down. Soon your body comes alive again, but this time with bacteria, parasites and microbes. However, when you’re still alive and if your immune system is working as it should, the invaders are blocked from entering. Within a matter of weeks after death, bacteria, parasites […]

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