claire carradice, founder of south african vegan recipesI am Claire, founder of South African Vegan Recipes.

Like most food bloggers, I am a self-confessed foodie, and I adore gourmet fusion food specifically.

Having suffered from food addition (yes, that’s a thing) for most of my life, in April 2017, I decided to once again go on a juice fast, which I did for 12 days. I felt great (after the detox part) and happy that I was being so good to my body, that I decided to go vegan. Now, this is not really new to me, as I have been working to become a wholefoods vegan for many years.

But that’s a whole story on it’s own, which I may tell you someday. Right now, I just want to let you know why and how I started South African Vegan Recipes… there are three reasons:

  1. To keep myself motivated, plus
  2. To help others make the transition to veganism easier, because you don’t have to compromise on taste when you give up animal products, and
  3. I would love to own a restaurant, but creating and sharing new recipes via blogging appeals to my creative nature, whereas if I were to own a restaurant, I would have the fun of creating new dishes but then I would need to stick with them and that’s when the fun would disappear.

So. What I’ve found with vegan recipes, is that people oversees are doing amazing things, like making “bacon” strips out of rice paper – things we in South Africa have never heard about, and I want to bring those kinds of food creations to you too. The problem is that many of the ingredients being used in overseas vegan recipes are not even available in South Africa, which is why I aim to try my hand at copying those kinds of recipes, but with ingredients available in South Africa.

The other challenge I have is being situated in Port Elizabeth, which is so vegan and health-unfriendly. Since I am also trying to be gluten and sugar-free, you can imagine what food options I have on the menus of restaurants here!

When natural health stores in PE try keeping vegan goods, they don’t sell, so to make some of the food I want to, I often have to go to a lot of trouble, which is good news for you actually, since going to trouble for myself means I can give you tips on where to find key ingredients, or how to substitute.

My last challenge is that my kitchen is poky and living where I am was supposed to be a temporary measure (but I like it here, so I’m gonna stay). Unlike where I used to live, when you move in Port Elizabeth, you take your stove with you. When I arrived here from another region, I did not have a stove and my kitchen is too small for one, and this is also good news for you because it means I have to be creative with the least amount of fuss and frills as possible.

All this means…fuss-free gourmet food that is easy to prepare and full of taste.

Here’s to awesome food, that makes bodies and taste buds joyful!