Some ingredients are hard to find. I hope this list makes it easier to get what you need:

Dairy Substitutions

Vegan cheese – Woolworths has sliced vegan cheese. It does not resemble mature cheddar, is white and mild but it will do.

Nutritional yeast is easily available in South Africa and can be bought from Dischem.

Mock parmesan cheese powder, made by Nature’s Choice, is readily available in most health shops in South Africa and almost always at Dischem.


Smoked paprika is sold by Cape Herb & Spice as “Spanish Smoked Paprika” and some SPARs keep their products. Alternatively, try spice stores.

Sriracha sauce can be bought from Woolworths or Food Lover’s Market, but both contain sugar.

Sriracha spice is sold by Cape Herb Spices, and some Spars keep their products. Unfortunately, it also contains sugar. You can also find it made by Cerebos and available at Pick ‘n Pay and most Spar’s. It also contains sugar, as do all sriracha spices and sauces.

Onion powder can generally be found in spice stores, but you can get onion salt from Dischem in the Nature’s Choice range.

Liquid smoke is not easily found in South Africa, but has been spotted at one SPAR in the Eastern Cape, which means it must be available more readily in larger cities like Cape Town and Johannesburg.


Rosey’s Pepperosey is a hot curry chilli roasted peppers condiment. It’s healthier than most of ’em and is available at most Super Spar’s, but if not, you can email them here:


Gluten powder used to be available from Nature’s Choice, but they have discontinued it. It is not available anywhere else in South Africa, as far as I know.

Meat Substitutes

Tofu can be bought from Woolworths and may be found at health stores.
Tempeh is not available in South Africa, as far as I know.

Meat Substitute Brands

All Frys foods are vegan, but not all Quorn foods are vegan. Quorn will say on the packaging if the food is vegan. If it doesn’t, it’s not.