I always used to make spinach the traditional South African way – with potato and onions and mashed up with butter, cream and salt and pepper.

Being vegan now, I wanted to find another way to make spinach yummy, and oh, did I! This dish was so good that I proclaimed spinach to be my new favourite vegetable. And…my meat eating son asked for more, so…

I must admit, I have gotten obsessed with my Magimix Food Processor 3200 (White Only) because it cuts down chop time dramatically, so everything gets processed, including the spinach. Because the food processor chops it so finely, I don’t need to first remove the middle stalk type part, I just add it in. More goodness right!

In addition, because the food processor chops it so finely, it reduces cooking time which also preserves the nutrients in the spinach.

But for this recipe, don’t use a food processor for the onions or potatoes, as you want the potatoes to be in blocks and the onions in squares.

This dish calls for sriracha spice which is not too healthy as all sriracha sauce and spices contain sugar, but I fool myself into thinking its so little… Anyway, check the ingredient stockist page for where to buy it, as it’s fairly new in South Africa. My new favourite is the one made by Cerebos.

We ate this with butternut, sweet carrots and turnips, basmati rice and cheesy chickpeas. A perfect meal. Even if you love meat. Just saying.