I was after a very specific taste and look with this dish. I wanted a creamy yellow look, and of course, I wanted it to taste like a bit of heaven. Mission accomplished. The butternut, carrot and turmeric gave the yellow-ness, and the coconut cream, the creaminess.

I have tried a few times before, to get the taste just right, and today was the day I won. It turned out to be an epic taste sensation. My picky meat eating cousin reaped the rewards of my loving labour, and absolutely loved it.

This curry is not hot, but you can still taste it’s a curry. The mix of spices is perfect, and I must encourage you not to change anything in this recipe, and do not neglect adding the coriander and lemon at the end; those two ingredients are essential.

You can use lime instead of lemon; many Indian dishes call specifically for lime, but I had none on hand when I made this, so I just used lemon instead. I found, of course, that lemon works too.

Being a curry lover, I can say with confidence that this is the best curry I have ever made or tasted.

Let me know what YOU think!