Let’s be real. Nothing compares to the stretchy mozzarella coated pizza from the popular takeaway down the road, but when I yearn for a good ol’ pizza, this vegan, pan fried gluten-free vegan recipe does the trick.

The best thing about it, is that it’s so rich and filling, that even though it can be quite costly to make, no matter how hungry you are, you’ll only eat half the amount you usually would, maybe even less than half.

I will still attempt making my own gluten-free, dairy-free pizza base one day, but for now, I don’t have time for waffling, so I use one that’s already been made for me, because life’s too short for complicated, right?

Anyhoo, the best way to eat a gluten-free pizza base is by making it crispy, so there is a simple technique to that. I’ve also tested a few gluten-free pizza flours and I haven’t liked their texture, so if you are like me, the best one is Nature’s Choice Pancake and Crumpet flour – not their pizza flour whose texture just doesn’t quite do it for me.

To get it crispy in the pan, here are some tips:

  1. Coat the pan with Spray and Cook.
  2. Heat the pan thoroughly before adding oil.
  3. Only when the oil is hot and sizzling, should you add the flour mix.

panfried pizza

  1. Wait for the flour to rise and bubble a bit, almost overdone, and then flip it. Both sides need to be golden brown, otherwise it will be too sloppy for the rich toppings.

Ready? Let’s roll.