This meal of potato and salad has been my favourite food for honestly, like the last 20 years. I would get groans from my son at the thought of yet another dinner consisting of…potato and salad.

salad ingredients

I try to use as much organic produce as possible, but I’m not fanatical about it.

Usually I bake the potato at about 220 degrees celcius for 45 minutes to an hour, but when I made the following recipe, I just used steamed potatoes that I then pan-fried for crisp and colour. Your choice, but baked is best. If you bake the potato, wait until the skin is a very dark brown – almost burnt – colour, because then it forms a gorgeous crisp around the soft inner white part of the potato.

Once the potato is baked, cut a slit each way, then add salt, pepper and a drizzle of olive oil before topping it with the salad.

Now over the years, I have perfected the flavour of this meal, and for the salad, I suggest using the garlic and herb salt grinder from Woolworths. It also contains no fillers, so tends to be healthier than most of the others.

Use raw honey in the dressing because raw still contains all the goodness, unlike the processed variety. Be sure to use cold pressed extra virgin olive oil for the same reason.

salad dressing

This recipe contains information for a steamed or boiled potato, so allow double the cooking time if you choose to bake it.