In this vegan sushi recipe, replace rice with sunflower seeds for a protein boost and to keep the recipe as raw as possible. Unlike real sushi, this one’s nutrient dense, and 80% raw. If you’re gluten-free, just exclude the Fry’s polony and be sure to use the right mayonnaise.

It takes some time to prepare, but if you’re a foodie like me, it’s fun and therapeutic!

This recipe will work if you are banting, as it is carb-free.

I am pleased to say that the sunflower seed pate actually works quite well to replace the traditional sushi rice. I tried using cauliflower rice on this one and it didn’t work as well, probably because it doesn’t “stick”, even though I added vegan mayonnaise to it.

compiling vegan sushi rolls

I added this so you can have a guide as to how to compile the sushi rolls. This one has a lot more mayo on than it should!


tangy mustard sauce for dipping vegan sushi

Not the prettiest looking image around, but this is what the tangy mustard sauce looks like.