Before going vegan, my favourite breakfast was a crispy gluten-free pancake with pilchards and mayonnaise, so when I changed my lifestyle, I needed some sort of substitute. This recipe is one of them.

By the way, Crosse and Blackwell make a delicious reduced oil salad dressing called “Trim” – the bottle contains an “egg-free” stamp on it, and this one is vegan. It’s a quarter of the price of typical vegan mayonnaise, although not as healthy. But I like the tanginess of this mayonnaise, so sometimes the compromise is justified (or so I say).

This recipe calls for a specific condiment. You can use any spicy vegan condiment, but I have found Rosey’s to be the best so far. Most Super Spar’s stock them in Port Elizabeth; not sure about the rest of South Africa.

The macro herbs can be replaced by sprouts if you so desire.

The pancake will not be as nice if you don’t cook it long enough. It needs to be crispy, otherwise it’s going to be a little bland, and I don’t know about you, but I don’t do bland…