This was a recipe that got me rejoicing, because I usually suck at trying my hand at creating vegan patties of any kind, so when this one ended up being perfect, the first time, I was pretty chuffed.

I do not like sweet things for breakfast, so I was on the prowl for something that is savoury, crispy, and gluten-free. Enter what I now call “smokey golden breakfast sausages”.

It’s a little naughty because of the oil, but whatever. It’s packed with protein and will keep you full, so its all good, right?

The smoked paprika in this recipe cannot be substituted. If you don’t have it, get it or wait until you do. Not using smoked paprika will change the flavour completely. Check where to get smoked paprika from the ingredient stockists list.

These sausages taste smokey, and a bit like spring rolls without the flour.