raw marinated mushroom salad recipe

Mary-Ann’s Marinated Mushrooms

Very fast to prepare, this is a tasty way to eat more raw food!

Beans and Greens Salad

A satisfying bean salad with a rich homemade sundried tomato sauce.

apple, raisin and sunflower seeds

Apple, Seed And Raisin Snack

A quick, filling fruit and protein snack that will keep you going for hours.

fruit in a bowl

Sweet And Nutty Fruit Salad

This particular fruit salad was memorable for me, as it was the first food I ate after a 12 day fast that changed my life and made me vegan. It is sweet and much nicer than any fruit salad you’ll usually find at restaurants or places like Spar or Pick ‘n Pay. Nicer even than […]

recipe for dry fried potato halves and green salad

Pan Fried Potato Halves Topped With Summer Tasty Salad

Oh-so-simple, and oh-so-delicious, there is nothing quite as addictive as potato topped with salad…

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